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Still a WIP…

This category is meant for the new or invisible authors out there. I strive to help others succeed in their dreams, even when they feel no one else will. I am here to show that dreams are meant to be followed, not crushed.

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Who Am I?

I am a stay at home mom, who follows my dream of being an author. Without any success of support, I learned that the only person I need is myself. I have two beautiful children, only two years apart. I started my family young unintentionally. I am super happy that I have. I am only 21, and discovered I could no longer bear anymore children.

I sat down one day and let the realization set in. I reflected upon my past and remembered one christmas when my grandmother handed me my fist notebook and pen. She told me, “Write my stories,” because when ever since I was eight years old, I loved telling her stories that popped up in my head. So I followed her instructions, and never looked back.

As I pondered my future, I noticed I almost forgot my ultimate dream. To become a best selling author. Even though, I am not, I never gave up the dream. I still hold true to that. I figured, “I am happy with the two children I was blessed with, even though I dreamt of having a big family. So I will write, and the characters will be my family as well.”

I am always getting into disputes with my in laws, about how writing is just a “hobby”, and I need to just stop being lazy and get a “real” job. I told them, “Last time I checked, you don’t get paid for doing a hobby.”

They still told me, that the pocket change I was only making, is not good enough, and that I need to get my head out of the clouds and throw away this gamble.

I look at them all, many times with teary eyes, and tell them to not bring me down.

Soon after I realized that I was alone on my endeavors. I did not have any friends, as I am an introvert, and searched far for any that would accept me.

There is a light to the end of this tunnel. I found a group of writers on facebook, that like me, faced the same challenges as me.

I wasn’t alone anymore, and when I asked them, “Did you ever give up on your dream, when others told you to do so?”

They just laughed and said with a chime, “I don’t care what others tell me to do. I know who I am, and who I want to be. No one will ever deter me from my dream.”

Many nights, I cried myself to sleep, feeling torn from myself, until I was able to find people who went through what I went through.


If you are looking for support, or feel the way I did, or just have questions about self publishing, please check out this group, Indie Author Group The title is the link to the facebook page. 

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What Type of Book Suits You? (Quiz)

Copyright © 2014 Amey Coleman


This quiz will help determine which type of book you may like more of. This will consist of seven questions. You will be able to pick one answer out of the possible five answers, per question. Remember to answer honestly for a more accurate result.


  1. Which sounds more appealing?
    A. large scale war begins on Earth.
    B. Money cannot buy happiness.
    C. Bugs begin to act strangely.
    D. A war must be prevented between two species.
    E. Meet up with a long distance friend.
    F. A gun related injury.
  2. Which situation sounds like you?
    A. You’re on a deep space rescue mission.
    B. You quickly became attracted to a new neighbor.
    C. Something often happens to you during a thunderstorm.
    D. You live in a thriving city.
    E. You walk through New York.
    F. You seem to get trapped in confined spaces.
  3. Which type of jewelry do you wear often?
    A. Earrings
    Hidden piercing
  4. Which word appeals to you more?
    A. Galaxy
  5. Which title draws you in?
    A. Mystery in Space
    . He’s Mine
    Pentagram Occult
    Faint Appearance
    What to Do?
    War In Peace
  6. Which are you most afraid of?
    A. Being last
    Losing a loved one
    Being chased
  7. What name appeals to you?
    A. Evelyn Colon
    Annabel Leonard
    Aretha Noble
    Bobby Cline
    Stephanie Booker
    Kacey Fowler






Mostly A’s: You tend to like mystery and action that does not naturally happen on Earth. The feeling of the unknown and knowing anything can happen compels you. Do you ever catch yourself staring up into the night sky and ponder about space and its inhabitants? Then Science Fiction is the way to go.


Mostly B’s: You like to imagine meeting your soul mate. You tend to ponder how it will happen, and what would lead up to the incident. If you love to have your heart flutter and smile on your face, the Romance genre is for you.


Mostly C’s: You like to be on edge with chills running up your spine. You may like the fact that twists and turns are at your fingertips. You don’t know what will happen. You tend to live in the moment. If this sounds like you, then Horror and Suspense are for you.


Mostly D’s: If you tend to find ghosts, vampires, and werewolves appealing, then anything to deal with Fantasy and Paranormal are for you. Just the imagination of feeling like immortality could be possible draws you in.


Mostly E’s: Do you like a good cry? Do you find yourself drawn to other people’s problems? Then you may like the Drama and Misfortune genre. It will give you what you need. When you want to have a little drama in your life, without it actually affecting your life, then you may find this to be just for you.


Mostly F’s: Do you like to be fast paced and to take risks? Do you like reading about them as well? Guns, cars, women and broken laws may compel you as well. If this sounds like you then you may like the Thriller and Action genre.


This quiz is from my second Fun Quizzes For Everyone book. It is currently priced for $1.49

U.K. link: for £1.44 515ZPrM9iOL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-v3-big,TopRight,0,-55_SX278_SY278_PIkin4,BottomRight,1,22_AA300_SH20_OU02_


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Build A Character, Part One

Character Arc: “They start out (fill in weakness), but become (fill in their turn around).”

  1. Example: Sara starts out (heart-broken), but becomes (independent).

Character Roles: These are the roles, in which, each character should or might have in your story.

  1. Protagonist
  2. Antagonist
  3. Mentor- Protagonists’ conscious
  4. Tempter- Hates Protagonist as does the antagonist
  5. Sidekick- Friend of Protagonist
  6. Emotional- Intuitive
  7. Logical- Intelligent
  8. Skeptic- Lone objector, does not hate Protagonist

Main Characters: 60% good, 40% bad

Others: 90% good, 10% bad

Villain: 40% good, 60% bad

Friend of Main Character: 60% good, 40% bad or 50/50

(This is just a guide, always do what your characters want you to do)


Short Story #2 by Amey Coleman

Melinda is walking hastily to the park bench. It is the only bench, that the giant oak tree is shading. The serene dimness of the shade, provides her foggy thoughts to shine clear.  Melinda sits down, revealing a note from her suede jacket.
The note reads: “I will be back.”
She clinches the piece of paper, hoping it is not a lie.
She looks around, waiting for Eric. Her leg begins to jump up and down, awaiting his ghostly arrival. As she starts to push herself up to leave, a man’s voice hollers, “Melinda!”
She follows the direction, in which the voice resided. She drops the note on the bench as she sees Eric standing on the other side of the park, waving his left hand.
Melinda runs to him, in utter excitement, to quickly embrace him.
“How are you here? Will you stay?” Melinda questions.
He nods his head, “I only have a few minutes, I told you I would be back. That bench is a magical bench, I just came to tell you to love again. I want you happy.”
He starts to fade away as she whimpers, “No, please stay! I love you!”
“Then love again,” his final words slid right into her heart. She looks back to see it no longer residing under the giant oak tree.
She whispers to herself, “He is right.”
Copyright © 2014 Amey Coleman



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Short Story – by Amey Coleman

Driving to work, I stopped by my favorite coffee diner. While walking in, I quickly grabbed a free copy of the towns gazette. I sat down on a bar stool, eyeing the empty seat next to me. Slowly turning my head back to the newspaper, I read the headline: “PETER IS FOUND!”

I blinked furiously, and skimmed down to see my husbands scraggly face. I widened the corners of my mouth in surprise. Out of the top of the paper, I noticed a to go cup of coffee be placed in front of me. The unusual rugged hands, seemed odd for a barista.

I asked, without looking up any further, “Do you work an outdoor job too? I may need a Gardner.”

“Mel, I survived the outdoors, living in bunkers, and barracks. If you’d like, I would much rather continue being your husband.”

I looked up, with a squeal escaping my lips, and tears rolling down my cheeks. I could feel my make up beginning to smear as I pulled him over the bar to embrace him. While sobbing, I let out, “I love you, oh my, how I missed you!”

He tightened his arms around me, and I couldn’t bare to let him go again.

I looked back down at the stool and read: “God Bless Peter Grand”

“A chair named after me?” he began to quiver his lip.

I nodded, “the chair you sat in when I first met you.”

He gently whispered, “I remember.”


Copyright © 2014 Amey Coleman



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