Short Story #2 by Amey Coleman

16 Jan

Melinda is walking hastily to the park bench. It is the only bench, that the giant oak tree is shading. The serene dimness of the shade, provides her foggy thoughts to shine clear.  Melinda sits down, revealing a note from her suede jacket.
The note reads: “I will be back.”
She clinches the piece of paper, hoping it is not a lie.
She looks around, waiting for Eric. Her leg begins to jump up and down, awaiting his ghostly arrival. As she starts to push herself up to leave, a man’s voice hollers, “Melinda!”
She follows the direction, in which the voice resided. She drops the note on the bench as she sees Eric standing on the other side of the park, waving his left hand.
Melinda runs to him, in utter excitement, to quickly embrace him.
“How are you here? Will you stay?” Melinda questions.
He nods his head, “I only have a few minutes, I told you I would be back. That bench is a magical bench, I just came to tell you to love again. I want you happy.”
He starts to fade away as she whimpers, “No, please stay! I love you!”
“Then love again,” his final words slid right into her heart. She looks back to see it no longer residing under the giant oak tree.
She whispers to herself, “He is right.”
Copyright © 2014 Amey Coleman



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