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Kill the Lights A Mystery by David Whalberg

Honestly, I am not sure how I feel about this book. I loved all the mystery in it. It was told in past tense, first person pov. I read the book as concisely as possible, and only in the synopsis did it ever clarify who was telling the story. If you dont read that first, you will be lost in this story. It is easy to mistake the voice of the narrator as a female who is sixteen years old. Very simple wording, nothing too challenging. The story idea was a beautiful idea, but the story itself is very choppy feeling, and flat. I would rate it four stars out of five. Mainly because the plot was intriguing, and it keeps you guessing. I would mention more, but it seems like the whole book was a twist. I dont want to ruin it by adding anything that could be a spoiler. But I do know, the girl found at Fatmans Cove is very important to the story. 


The Legend of Vanx Malic Book 5 by M.R. Mathias

The Legend of Vanx Malic, Book Five-Trigon Daze, by M.R. Mathias. It is told in third person, past tense. I have read the previous four books and loved them all. But this one hits the ball out of the park. The author is very talented, and I hope it is not the last book. All the chapters were amazing, but my two favorites were chapter 20 and 38. In the chapter twenty, Vanx remembers how Master Belters had saved him from dooming the world with Vanxs bad spell casting. But Master Belters and the Zythian command had approached Vanx and Chelda to be used as bait while going after the Trigon Wizard. In chapter thirty-eight, a quick yet sad funeral was held. I wont disperse too many details on that. Lets just say Vanx was not happy. Overall, Vanx is a very believable character that anyone could look up to. He is brave and a true man.


When Water Flows Uphill by Beryl Shaw

Book Review: 5 stars

This is my opinion on the book.

First off, I have to say, this book is amazing. I instantly felt pulled into the story. It was hard to pull away. And, honestly, I want to read it again. I hope someday it becomes a movie. But, the descriptions given were flawless enough to make the words turn into a movie inside my head without it being overwhelming. The book is a substantially wonderful story. I love the tone of the author. It was told in third person, but it felt more life-like than story telling. I hope to see more books like this!

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Rational Polemics by Richard Todd Devens

Book Review: 5 stars

This is my opinion of the book.

Rational Polemics is a book worth reading. It is filled with facts that I truly believe everyone should know. It has many scenarios in which tell right from wrong. Which many people lack the knowledge in. My favorite chapter was the Anatomy of Evil. He states many facts in what the difference is between people who are truly evil, and those who are misconstrued as evil. He has also stated the fact that if a person does a bad thing, yet regrets it and vows to never do it again are not necessarily evil. This book is very inspirational, and should be a textbook. It is clearly and concisely written.

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Fibles by Mark Everette

Book Review: 4.5 stars

This is my opinion of the book.

Overall, I felt this book was a great read of several short stories. Each story was very appropriate for children. It also teaches children life lessons they can easily relate to. The stories were exciting and did not preach the lessons. They had very great plot structures, and I feel every kid would enjoy them. Out of all of the stories, it was hard to pick a favorite. Simply because they were all wonderful. Great read, indeed. My kids loved all of the stories. I hope to see more from this author. Great job!

Here is the Fibles website:



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