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Deadly Desire Book One by Robert Joseph

Robert Joseph is already a wonderful author. I am very familiar with older stories of his. But this book, Deadly Desire, I would have to say is by far the best story written. Raff, the detective is always running into something mysterious and supernatural. He is wonderful at his job, but does a character flaw. (If I tell you the flaw, it could potentially ruin the story) so all Ill leave you with is the fact that some things are not what they seem at place known for monks. And the life changing climax, will leave you gripping the book close to your face. The cover didnt intrigue me like that the synopsis did, but it is worth a read.


The Blonde With Half A Face by WJ Reeves

This book is okay. I didnt really get into it that well, but the story line was pretty good. I hope there to be at least a second book, mainly because there was a giant cliff hanger throughout each chapter. It kind of reminded me of the television series Breaking Bad, but the main character is the one who does the drugs. Sort of like the book Crank. Reeves does do a good job building a strong character, but I felt like she tapered off somewhere in the middle of the story. I would rate it 4.5 stars, because I found no grammatical errors, and I loved the cover.


Reborn by CC Spivey

I was very captivated by the story. Mayan, who was a run away slave from The Deacon, had found herself a soulmate. Tytarion and she were immortal vampires. They were expecting a new life. Without spoiling too much of the plot, my best way of describing this fantastic read would to tell you what it resembles. It is like a flash from the past. It was like a mix of The Secret Life of the Bees, with Vampire Academy, mixed with a better version of Twilight. Its a real bundle. Warning: You may find it extremely difficult to put book down. The unique choice of names did throw me off a bit, but it fit the story perfectly fine. I want to read more. C.C. Spivey is pure genius.

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Terrance Talks Travel by Terrance Zepke

This nonfiction book accurately describes what traveling is like, and how much it could possibly cost. I did learn something new. Terrance tells us that if you want to travel and visit China you must get a visa. I didnt think you had to do such things. This book also has a couple quizzes in it to determine if traveling is right for you. I took the first quiz, and found out traveling may not be best for me, but that is perfectly okay. Even though Terrance makes traveling seem very compelling and interesting to do, she also explains how it is not for everyone. She claims it takes time, money, and dedication. But, what dream doesnt require those? This is a fantastic pocket book, that I would be sure to take if I ever found the courage to step outside.


Spookiest Battlefields by Terrance Zepke

Spookiest Battlefields by Terrance Zepke is a nonfiction book talking about 14 famous battlefields that were recorded as haunted. It goes into details, and explains the accounts of apparitions that has occured over the years. The author was very detailed and accurate. I felt it was a book that I would love to keep in case I ever want to visit such battlefields. The writing of the author was simple, yet very educated at the same time. My favorite spooky battlefield was the Little Bighorn Battlefield. In each chapter the author also mentions the locations these places are, and the amenities it offers.


Just Compensation: A Lucas Wade Western by Raylan McCrae

I instantly fell in love Lucas Wade, aka Luke. He is a son of a gun in this book. Sort of reminded me of Chuck Norris. I usually do not like westerns, but this one did a really great job. Despite the obvious DIY cover that most indie authors do, and the lack of editing, I feel this book can really make it. It is short, and down to the point. Would make a really nice novella book set. I would rate it a four out of five stars, but mainly because, 1. The plot and story was smoothly written, 2. the characters were highly believable. 3. You can really sense the passion in which the writer had while constructing the book, and 4. It accurately portrayed the west, or genre it was intended for. I would give it five stars, but that high rating is usually held for excellent grammar, excellent cover, and the use of only one type of tense in which it is written in. This book tends to fluctuate between past, present, and future tenses. I do enjoy the fact that it is written in first person. It gives a sense of closeness to Luke.


The Kingdom of Assassins by Erik Mackenzie

Wow! That is really the only word that can describe this debut novel. I couldnt find one thing wrong with this story. The synopsis and cover did not drag me in. I heard of this book from a friend who claimed it was a terrific read. Man, was she right! The former special ops agent, Mike, was a man who is praise worthy. He showed bravery when faced with trouble, chivelry when he came across the arabian princess, and great integrity when it came to defend a nation in need. The author has done a wonderful job at conducting such an intense read. I could not put it down. I did not want it to end. There were so many turns after each plot, that you would never see coming. Especially when it came to the ending… Read it to find out what happened. All I can say, is it was just beautiful!

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