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Just Compensation: A Lucas Wade Western by Raylan McCrae

I instantly fell in love Lucas Wade, aka Luke. He is a son of a gun in this book. Sort of reminded me of Chuck Norris. I usually do not like westerns, but this one did a really great job. Despite the obvious DIY cover that most indie authors do, and the lack of editing, I feel this book can really make it. It is short, and down to the point. Would make a really nice novella book set. I would rate it a four out of five stars, but mainly because, 1. The plot and story was smoothly written, 2. the characters were highly believable. 3. You can really sense the passion in which the writer had while constructing the book, and 4. It accurately portrayed the west, or genre it was intended for. I would give it five stars, but that high rating is usually held for excellent grammar, excellent cover, and the use of only one type of tense in which it is written in. This book tends to fluctuate between past, present, and future tenses. I do enjoy the fact that it is written in first person. It gives a sense of closeness to Luke.

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