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The Butterfly Room by Saurav Dutt

Lakshmi is faced with challenges that make her have to make hard decisions to change lives. After living under the pressure of her powerful and deceitful husband she shows that she has had enough of His abuse.

Maybe she will fail… Or win the title she deserves!

My favorite chapters were chapter ten: Calling the Angel, and Chapter 21: The Rivers Edge. It is told in third person, past tense. In Calling the Angel, the over protective Uncle Sunil, catches his Niece Anitas cheating husband Vinesh. Angered by how she almost killed, he beats Vinesh up for Vinesh not acting like it concerned him at all. Very action packed story. In The Rivers Edge, Anita moved to Delhi, India. Leaving her son to finish school in England with Vinesh. Her and her sister are on a bridge with a priest talking about a book that contained thirteen generations of her family. They were also spreading ashes across the river below them, of a beloved family member. This author knows how to write. It is accurately told, and well worded. Wish there was a book #2

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