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The Legend of Vanx Malic Book 5 by M.R. Mathias

The Legend of Vanx Malic, Book Five-Trigon Daze, by M.R. Mathias. It is told in third person, past tense. I have read the previous four books and loved them all. But this one hits the ball out of the park. The author is very talented, and I hope it is not the last book. All the chapters were amazing, but my two favorites were chapter 20 and 38. In the chapter twenty, Vanx remembers how Master Belters had saved him from dooming the world with Vanxs bad spell casting. But Master Belters and the Zythian command had approached Vanx and Chelda to be used as bait while going after the Trigon Wizard. In chapter thirty-eight, a quick yet sad funeral was held. I wont disperse too many details on that. Lets just say Vanx was not happy. Overall, Vanx is a very believable character that anyone could look up to. He is brave and a true man.

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