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Omerta Affairs by Alexandra Forry

Omerta Affair is the first edition. The original to Timless Endings by Alexandra Forry. There is no difference in the story line, but the cover and title are completely different. Overall, the whole story was very predictable and not at all complicated. Evelyn, the Mafia, the man she loves, and her husband all play the biggest roles. Told in third person, but would be better to throw in more first person pov. The authors voice tended to sound juvenile, yet extradroniary. The book reminded me of an old 80s mafia movie, but better. The author knew what she was doing, and did it wonderfully. Great job!


Timeless Endings by Alexandra Forry

This book is second edition. The original title was Omerta Affair. There isnt any difference in the story line. It had a great start, but around half way through the story I had to put it down. It was told in third person pov, and it felt very distant. Honestly, it could have been better. But I do love the new title and cover image used on the book. I did, however, pick it back up because I was very into the Mafia aspect of it. It sort of felt like Scarface, but better. Would have been better in first person pov, and occasionally switch back to third-person pov. The plot was simple to follow, and there werent too many surprises, if any at all. Very predictable story.

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