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Short Story – by Amey Coleman

Driving to work, I stopped by my favorite coffee diner. While walking in, I quickly grabbed a free copy of the towns gazette. I sat down on a bar stool, eyeing the empty seat next to me. Slowly turning my head back to the newspaper, I read the headline: “PETER IS FOUND!”

I blinked furiously, and skimmed down to see my husbands scraggly face. I widened the corners of my mouth in surprise. Out of the top of the paper, I noticed a to go cup of coffee be placed in front of me. The unusual rugged hands, seemed odd for a barista.

I asked, without looking up any further, “Do you work an outdoor job too? I may need a Gardner.”

“Mel, I survived the outdoors, living in bunkers, and barracks. If you’d like, I would much rather continue being your husband.”

I looked up, with a squeal escaping my lips, and tears rolling down my cheeks. I could feel my make up beginning to smear as I pulled him over the bar to embrace him. While sobbing, I let out, “I love you, oh my, how I missed you!”

He tightened his arms around me, and I couldn’t bare to let him go again.

I looked back down at the stool and read: “God Bless Peter Grand”

“A chair named after me?” he began to quiver his lip.

I nodded, “the chair you sat in when I first met you.”

He gently whispered, “I remember.”


Copyright © 2014 Amey Coleman



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