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Build A Character, Part One

Character Arc: “They start out (fill in weakness), but become (fill in their turn around).”

  1. Example: Sara starts out (heart-broken), but becomes (independent).

Character Roles: These are the roles, in which, each character should or might have in your story.

  1. Protagonist
  2. Antagonist
  3. Mentor- Protagonists’ conscious
  4. Tempter- Hates Protagonist as does the antagonist
  5. Sidekick- Friend of Protagonist
  6. Emotional- Intuitive
  7. Logical- Intelligent
  8. Skeptic- Lone objector, does not hate Protagonist

Main Characters: 60% good, 40% bad

Others: 90% good, 10% bad

Villain: 40% good, 60% bad

Friend of Main Character: 60% good, 40% bad or 50/50

(This is just a guide, always do what your characters want you to do)

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