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Elements of the Psychological Thriller, Mystery, Suspense and/or Crime Fiction Genres

This is what I’d like to add, from what I had gathered through my readings:

Suspense Thriller-is when you now what all is going on, fearing the end to the character because you are unable to warn them, but turns out you were wrong the entire time, and have been rooting for the wrong character/occurrence/aspect all along. (Typically found in psychological books)

  • Just plain suspense, however, is best suited for horror genre.

Thriller Suspense-is when you have no clue what is all going on, or see no obvious connections between the certain events, but it turns out you have known the whole time, and by the end, the twist occurs, connecting the plot like one giant jigsaw puzzle falling into place on it’s own. (Typically found in Mystery books)

  • Just plain thriller, however, is best suited for action genre.

Psychological Suspense-is when you know that person isn’t crazy, but main character thinks they are, and then you watch as they scramble to reveal the truth.(think The Girl on the Train)

Psychological Thriller-is when the main character has no clue as to why these things are happening to them, but turns out it was all part of revealing their deranged minds.(think Shutter Island)

Word Hunter

Last week I attempted to define some elements expected of the typical reader in a psychological thriller. Although the attempt was a good one, it left me with some problems localising the differences between what a mystery, crime fiction and thriller is.

Those thoughts were put into a large post on Mystery, Thriller and Crime fiction. In that post I realised that like a lot of writers, and a lot of experts in writing, the cross-flow between these genres provides a difficulty in localising one genre we might like our books to be catergorised into, if forced to do this on bookshelves or websites.

What came out of this, however, was a rewrite of the initial post on elements that the reader may expect. I’ve now provided a more catergorised list of elements below.  This post will be kept updated with any new ideas in the future.

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